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About Jeff Freund


I am a web-native CTO, and more recently CEO as well.  Aside from a few interesting diversions (like building linux cluster super computers in '98), I have spent the last 13 years of my professional career focused on building and running businesses based on web technologies.

Currently, I am the CEO of Clickability, where we've built a pure SaaS, multi-tenant web content management and publishing platform.  We've solved a lot of interesting problems along the way, and continue to face new challenges as we continue to build and scale the platform.  We are currently delivering over 350 million pages per month, a number that gets bigger and more exciting each month.

I love to problem solve, and I love to experiment.  Over the almost decade (yikes!) of being the CTO at Clickability, I've learned a lot about what works well to drive technology in a SaaS business, as well as defining best practices that we follow to really leverage the SaaS model.  Of course, we've had our fair share of "lessons learned" as well.



Topics I am passionate about:


  • SaaS - as both a technology and a business model
  • Agile methodologies - both for development, and extended into other areas of the enterprise
  • Technology - I love it, with a particular interest in open source




I went to Stanford University, receiving a BS and MS in Environmental Engineering, focusing on hydrodynamic computer simulation.  After being a practicing engineer for just over a year, the realization struck that what I was most interested in was actually the technology part of what I was doing. 

At that point, I switched gears to the software industry, and then a short time later 1999 founded Clickability in 1999 with 3 team mates from my days playing rugby at Stanford.

I currently live close to Clickability HQ in San Francisco, CA.  My wife and I have 2 very young and very energetic little boys that keep us on our toes.




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