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Barack takes spotlight and steals web traffic

November 10, 2008 | By Jeff Freund
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Election day 2008,and then again the day after, was a record setting traffic day for us at Clickability.  Many of our customers are traditional media companies, like TV stations and newspapers, and events like elections (and tornados!) are huge traffic drivers.  The 2008 elections were no exception.

However, the most notable aspect of the traffic pattern this day was not the overall volume (this was not a surprise) but rather it was what happened at 9pm PST.  When Barack Obama took the stage in Chicago, there was a dramatic and instantaneous drop in traffic to the media sites that we deliver. 

People stopped clicking and just listened. 

As soon as the speech was over, the traffic once again bumped up to where it was before.  A historic moment for the country, and a fascinating moment in the evolving social dynamics around media and the web.



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