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MySQL Sunday at Oracle OpenWorld 2010

September 20, 2010 |
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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking at Oracle OpenWorld as part of their MySQL Sunday.  I co-presented with Mark Matthews, a Principal Engineer on the MySQL engineering team. 

This joint presentation was the culmination of a path that was started almost three years ago.  Back then, MySQL's Rob Young and an army of MySQL folks piled into our conference room to ask some questions about our use of MySQL: what were our pain points, what tools were we lacking, what did we think of their ideas on new products like the MySQL Proxy and others, etc.

They did a great job of listening to us and other MySQL customers to create tools like the MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Yesterday, Mark talked about the roadmap for these tools, and showed the latest and greatest of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor and Query Analyzer.  Clickability served as the "real world" case study, and I described how we use the Query Analyzer for end-to-end performance management and optimization of our SaaS WCM Platform.

My slides from the presentation are here and thanks to Mark for posting the full version of our presentation here.



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