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MySQL User Conference 2009

February 03, 2009 | By Jeff Freund
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I will be speaking at the MySQL User Conference again this year, presenting a session titled:  Clickability: Scaling SaaS with MySQL and Memcached.  My basic plan is to walk through the evolutionary history of the Clickability platform and how it evolved from a few servers to hundreds of servers across multiple data centers delivering hundreds of millions of pageviews. 

An evolutionary story?  Certainly.  Cell division?  Absolutely.  Primordial soup?  Perhaps.

I hope to see you there! 


MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

Clickability: Scaling SaaS with MySQL and Memcached



3:05pm Wednesday, 04/22/2009
Location: Ballroom G


Building a SaaS platform requires application and infrastructure engineering that push beyond “enterprise scale” to “web scale”. MySQL and Memcached play a key role in scaling the Clickability platform. This presentation will tell the evolutionary story of the core architectural and technology components that have allowed the Clickability Platform to scale from 0 to 400 million pages delivered per month without changes to the core platform architecture.



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