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Internet Evolution Generates New Life Forms

March 20, 2010 | By Jeff Freund
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The Internet continues to evolve: new technologies, new practices, new devices, new standards, etc.  The needs of companies to be effective in this evolving landscape have evolved as well.  A platform can be a sound foundation from the technology side, but it is only part of the overall picture.  Another major part is the people part. 

By "life forms" I, of course, mean the collection of professionals required for a company to live and thrive on the Internet in this evolving environment.  You must have the right people to work on the technology, and you must have the right people to work on the content and the experience.  We have customers who thrive when they have the right people working on things, and other customers struggling at times as they are not "staffed for success".

To be fully equipped for the websites of 2010, there are whole jobs and responsibilities that have emerged to drive marketing and social interaction on the web.  The following are five job titles that simply did not exist 10 years ago, but are now in demand and commonplace on job boards:

  • Blogger
  • Community Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • User Experience analyst

These are essentially "non-technical" people and we talk a lot about "non-technical" people in our messaging.  Our claim is that we free them from the delays and pain of working through IT for website updates and changes.  This is in fact true - and we do help them keep their content fresh.

As a platform provider, we also need to keep in mind that there are lots of "non-technical" people playing vital website roles for our customers that are not simply publishing content.  We need to continue to keep them in mind and not only ensure that we are serving their needs today, but also keeping our eyes open on how to server the next wave of emerging Internet professionals.



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