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When will IE6 be extinct?

August 06, 2009 | By Jeff Freund
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IE6 is the current nemesis of web developers everywhere.  As of the last release of our CMS platform at Clickability, we have finally discontinued support for IE6.  When released in 2001, IE6 was state of the art, now it is considered, well, something that a dung beetle would be quite found of.  

Once software is released, it will typically evolve for a period of time with patches and updates, but at some point a new faster, smarter, bigger product or version will come along that will put the original software on the slow march towards extinction. SaaS is a bit different in that it can evolve can keep pace with the evolutionary forces at work - this is indeed one of the key benefits of the SaaS delivery model.

I found this the other day and love the approach that Weebly has take to speeding things along for IE6: www.ie6nomore.com/




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